Friday, September 26, 2014

A Vision

Yesterday was my thirty-seventh birthday, and as I reflected on the year ahead decided I would create a little treat for myself: a space to focus on cultivating a rich domestic life.

The blog's title encapsulates the primary idea that our home should be a place of joy, even in the midst of hardships.

It also refers to three principles that I believe are important in creating a rich home life--which serves as the basis for a rich 'exterior' life as well.

*Beauty* may refer to the obvious external aesthetics of an environment, but I also think it applies to the relationships within the home and a person's interior life; beauty also encompasses the arts.

Similarly, *order* may refer to organization, but also includes the ordering of relationships within a home, the ordering of priorities and establishing daily routines, rhythms and rituals. 

*Wonder* refers to the sense of awe that I hope our family has when we study the natural world, human artistry in its many forms and the diversity of humanity.

And finally, *grace* which can mean elegance, but refers more importantly to the spiritual overtone of the home and of the person--respecting human dignity, practicing charity and giving thanks for the simplest gifts.  

(Knockout roses were a simple yet beautiful birthday gift from a friend's yard! They looked so pretty in the antique aqua vase.)

Thank you for reading along!

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