Monday, October 13, 2014

In Our Spare Time

In our spare time my husband and I have been redoing our master bathroom.  Caulk gun hanging in the shower?  Indeed!

We ripped out the old linoleum and put down wood floors, which I stained and polyurethaned diligently after my husband sanded them.  I love the floors!  My husband installed the beadboard and trim.  The cabinetmaker is still crafting the cabinet, and I haven't picked out light fixtures yet. 

It would be just lovely to replace the shower, but we do not want to spend the money for tile and I don't want to replace it with another fiberglass shower!  This shower is quite adequate, and it is a nice practice in moderation and restraint (not to mention self-discipline).  Cultivating the art of contentment is valuable.  So I am content with the old beige fiberglass shower.  It serves us well! We did remove the nasty old doors and will be purchasing fresh new doors, which will be so nice. 

I haven't finished painting yet and am a little uneasy about continuing to paint, because I'm wondering if the blue of the ceiling will blend with the countertop I chose.  I painted the walls and ceiling in this room three and a half years the beginning of the makeover process.  We practice 'slow renovation' in our home. I like to think it's like the slow food movement.....

My spare time this week will involve finishing beadboard painting and painting that last wall to the right--I hope!

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