Monday, November 10, 2014

The Work of My Day

Just as I keep a loose schedule for cleaning through the week, I keep a daily rhythm as well.  This fall, here's what works in our household: 

Morning: Prayer time.  Stretching.  Drink water with lemon. Get dressed and do hair/makeup. Wipe down bathroom surfaces.  Put away all laundry. Serve breakfast. Unload dishwasher and clean kitchen from breakfast. Check email on phone. Feed dog.  Be sure children's chores are done. 

Each day is different, but I try to stick to a predictable routine (ish): piano practice after breakfast and school in the morning, with read-alouds and outside time in the afternoon. I like for us to spend 10-15 minutes tidying the house before dinner as well. 

Evening (after dinner): Clean kitchen, Prepare for breakfast.  Run dishwasher.  Take out trash and recycling.  Read bedtime stories.  Bring laundry upstairs in bins. Feed dog.  Be sure living area is tidy.  Computer time, shower and books.  Drink water with lemon.*

NOTE: This is my "ideal." I skip bits and pieces of my routines each day, but I like to think that on the balance it all works out!  I don't beat myself up when I leave things undone; I just try to do my best and get on with it!

 *I started drinking water and lemon faithfully after my spring facial this year--the aesthetician sold me on drinking plenty of water with lemon and on rhassoul clay! 

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