Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Satisfying Sabbath

Church was cancelled today because of the foot of snow that fell down on us all day yesterday, so we stayed home! There was--

*coloring with my daughter in her beautiful, detailed  Godey's Fashions Coloring Book (by Dover)
*baking cookies as a thank-you for a neighbor
*an easy piano practice with my son (whew!)
*shoveling snow--I counted this as my 'exercise'
*lots of father-son k'nex building
*once our driveway was plowed, a trip to the grocery store with my daughter....we wore our red snow boots and skirts and scarves
*potato-cauliflower curry for supper, spicy and warm
*a hot bath and books

This not at all a usual Sunday for us--it was much busier than our typical array of activities--but it was satisfying to do a variety of things and to have an easy day off.  

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