Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dinner Olympics

Tonight I had the challenge of making dinner for a group of people who included a gluten-free person, a devoted carnivore, and a lowfat vegan--plus two people who can eat anything (but one of those two is only four years old). I am pleased with the solution I hit upon because it was inexpensive, reasonably healthy and *very* easy:

*onion and portobello mushrooms sauteed together, then cooked in a (storebought) pasta sauce
*local beef browned and then cooked in a different (storebought) pasta sauce 
*whole grain pasta
*roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes
*a big platter of crunchy salad: lettuce, cucumber, red onion, red pepper
*a bowl of mozzarella cheese on the table and a small bowl of chopped basil, for garnishing!

And I was happy that I'd baked a huge batch oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free!) on Sunday because it was easy and gracious to put them all on a plate and serve them after supper. 

I think everyone had a nice dinner, and it was extremely easy to prepare.  

I have decided that if special-needs cooking were an Olympic event, I'd be standing on the podium tonight!

I have also decided that the snow will never melt, but that's okay because it is so beautiful.

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