Friday, February 27, 2015

Midwinter City Treats

Tonight I had a haircut in the city, so my children got a night with Daddy and I got a haircut and then *shopping without helpers*. I decided to invest in a few treats to boost our morale through the end of the winter. I got, inter alia:

*a supply of my favorite soap--Dr. Bronner's.  Almond, as always, for my face, and this time I bought rose for the shower
*an amber saffron candle
*a new orchid (I was tempted by the forced hyacinths, but I just stood and smelled them for a few minutes)
*a bottle of chardonnay
*beads and chalk paint at the fabric store....

I love the city, seeing new people, checking out the shops, and I have an even greater love for driving down my little country lane home, seeing the cattle and the mountains and my quiet little house.

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