Monday, February 16, 2015

"The Joyful House"

I named this blog after reading Nancy Kelly's post on "La Casa Giocosa." My original blog is now private, and the public blog I created was originally named "Beauty Order and Grace", and it wasn't a perfect fit--too prim. I value a joyful home and all that it entails and try to foster a creative and beautiful life for all of us.  A title like this keeps me focused on what is actually important!

In her post, Nancy quotes Charlotte Mason as she described Vittorino de Feltre's 15th Century Italian school:

"Do we desire a wide and liberal curriculum?  This was what he accomplished--Latin and Greek, Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Natural Philosophy, Euclid, Astronomy, Natural History, Music, Choral Singing, Dancing, all games for the training and exercising of the body, and a good deal besides.  Plutarch was made much use of as an educational instrument, being employed with the Bible to teach morals...."

This was a well-rounded education, and I seek to provide our family with a well-rounded life. There is a time for Shakepeare and a time for laundry!

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