Sunday, March 15, 2015

In the Laundry Room

Where the magic happens and the fabric is stored.

This antique sink has a lovely story--my husband drove 12 hours in one day to fetch it for me after I found it several states away on Craigslist.  We had our plumber remove the old rusty faucet and install this pretty one.

Laundry corner.

The fabric lives here. Most of it dwells in the cedar chest and then I have scraps and current projects in the bins. And a few patterns!

Yes, the elliptical trainer lives here too. Painting by my son, print by Mary Cassatt. 

A long view of the folding countertop.  The cabinets below store more fabric, all my sewing supplies, some pictures we have to hang, hats and gloves and my jump rope and kettlebells. 

It's a good place to fold clothes.

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  1. oh POLLY. It's just lovely! And my favorite color on the walls. I enjoy doing laundry but I think in your space I would LOVE it! These photos just absolutely thrill my housewifely heart (and that sink - oh my goodness!!!).