Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama

Homeplace of Helen Keller!

Tuscumbia is only a short drive across the Tennessee River from Florence, and the 'downtown' area is sweet. 

Ivy Green: a beautiful old home, nearly 200 years old.  White clapboard, green shutters--the exact combination of the farmhouse on our farm, with the central hall-four room layout so ubiquitous in the region where I live.  

I loved all the details inside: these intricate dresses hanging so fetchingly in the front bedroom.  The doily under the lamp. The shining floors and cozy rugs.

Helen's bedroom: Anne Sullivan slept in the bed on the left, and Helen slept in the smaller one on the right.  I am enamored with that rug. 

Love the quiet simplicity, and the light.

A reminder of the living conditions of domestic servants around the turn of the century.

Crisp and brown and wintry outside, but the grounds were still charming.

Magnolia leaves, brick walkways, and a miracle at a well pump!  

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