Friday, April 3, 2015

Facing the Giant

Finn loves the story of David and Goliath and asks me to read it to him frequently.  Well, yesterday I entered Finn's room to face my own bloodthirsty giant: cleaning up.  Although I like to stay on top of cleaning tasks, Finn's room had been neglected because last week we were out of town. (It gets cleaned every Thursday; typically Finn and I do it together.)  There were toys, clothes and papers scattered across the room as well as 'nature' items--random rocks, pieces of bark, etc--his treasures--in various spots and lots of stray legos.  He's an artist, so the quantity of paper alone is staggering! And we had not been faithful picker-uppers at nighttime this week.

I dove in.  My modus operandi for cleaning a room that is way past due is to declutter first by going counter-clockwise around the room and ending in the center. This keeps me focused on one bit at a time, and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. After that is done, I pull out the vacuum and go crazy with it: furniture, valances, window frames, floors. I even did inside his dresser drawers (I switched out seasonal clothing while I was at it.)  Make sure the sheets are fresh and the bed is made.
When we read our bedtime story last night it was so refreshing to sit in a clean and tidy room again.

Next up: the basement!! It needs some love.

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