Monday, April 27, 2015

The Revolving Door

Today was a fun and happy day in our household: the Revolving Door day.  A friend arrived in mid-morning with her daughter; another friend came fifteen minutes later with her son.  We visited, then the first friend left and I babysat her daughter. The four children played and ate lunch, then after lunch another friend came over with her two children.  And finally in mid-afternoon an additional friend came to drop off three of her children--I had said I'd babysit them while she took her other two children to the movies!

So that means in and out of our doors today rotated five adults and seven children.

A whole pan of gingerbread was consumed and lots of tea......and we adults tried to solve all the world's problems around my dining room table while the children played in various locations all over the house, dug holes in the unplanted part of the garden, used the swingset, chased each other around the yard.....

At one point,  my friend Allison laughingly said she was going to re-name my house "Polly's Drop-Off Day Care, Tea Room and Mobile Therapy Unit."

I love having people visit and feeding them lots of food and many pots of tea and hoping that they leave refreshed and energized to go out and tackle Real Life.  Life can be challenging, and true and honest friendship restores our souls!

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