Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Bunny Rescue

Look at what the cat dragged in....literally!

This sweet tiny creature was rescued from the jaws of certain death (and, I'm sorry to say, decapitation--our cat's chosen m.o.) late last night.  I assessed the bunny and its lack of ability to jump properly, spent some time researching care online, figured out its age, and it spent a quiet night in triage in our bathroom; today I took it to the wildlife rehabilitation facility in our area. Rabbits are so fragile; I read online that they can literally die of fright!  Finn and Annie were quiet and calm all morning and literally said nothing on the 45- minute drive to the rehab facility.  

They are so sweet. 

Do you know how in the old days the hobos would mark the gates of homes where they could find hot meals, so that other hobos would see the mark and go in to find nourishment?  I am starting to think that there's an X on our house made by injured baby animals. Last year it was baby swallows infested by mites!  

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