Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Organizing

Today I finished spring organizing and cleaning in Finn's room, after having done our room last week, a couple of closets in the interim, part of the garage last weekend and Annie's room earlier this week. I finally took the 4' Christmas tree out of Finn's room. Yes.  In mid-May.  Mea culpa!

Sometimes organizing feels like shuffling the mess from one space to another, but there's an end in sight--all I have left to do is the basement (schoolroom, sewing area), my bathroom closet and the rest of the garage. Then the mess goes away, out of the house, forever!  I am addicted to the feelings of levity and satisfaction that come with a good clear-out.

Everyone has different methods for organizing, but my general modus operandi is to take everything out of a closet/dresser, spread it out, examine, sort, purge, and then neatly put back into the space (after vacuuming said space out, of course).  I love doing this.  I love doing it at my house, your house...anywhere.

I paused mid-week to enjoy a visit from my cousin, who was in town for a night, and I may be slowed a bit this weekend because Annie came down with the chicken pox today (!), but I do hope to plug along and be back to our regularly scheduled life next week!

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