Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Hosta Bouquet

On Saturday we hosted one of my husband's colleagues, who is relatively new in town, and his girlfriend for dinner.  I'd never met them--I love hosting people who are Strangers.

My menu was simple and easy to prepare ahead.  The biggest hit was the roasted pork loin. I made a variation on Anna's recipe.  For my pork loin, I juiced two lemons and a lime, heavily doused the pork loin with Jane's Crazy Salt and Pride of Szeged Chicken Rub, then roasted it (covered) for 20 minutes at 450 degrees, and then an hour at 350 degrees.  Delicious.

Nothing is really blooming in the yard right now other than the day lilies, so I did not have any flowers ready to cut for the table.  I was sweeping the patio when the hostas caught my eye.  Their blooms are still not open, but they were beautiful!

Yard bouquets are the best--free, simple and always unique.

And we had a nice time--our guests are much younger than we are (born in the 1980s! Imagine that.) and were up for a game of boys v. girls trivial pursuit.  The boys won!

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