Monday, July 20, 2015

Mulching Week 2015

My goal is to weed and mulch for five hours two to three hours (I am so sore!!) every day from today through Saturday--if that means two hours in the morning and three in the evening, so be it!  I am using my watch to keep track, and I'm working around other commitments this week: two art classes, two swimming lessons, a haircut, a massage, dinner with friends, a trip to the zoo, a church meeting, preparing for school, finishing a sewing project, and two different outings with friends.  And oh yes, I babysat a friend's three children this morning, too!

It is so very hot, and today I'm working in full sun.  But I'm plodding along because the end result is always so pleasing.  My husband is working against a major deadline, so this is my first experience with solo-mulching!

 Here's the patio flower bed, which is where my beloved hostas live--this was the fruit of my Saturday labor. I'm about halfway through with this truckload of mulch.....

Getting there!

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