Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vintage Theatrics

At a wedding last week my great-aunt thrust a bundle of photos into my hands to pass along to my uncle, who is 'digitizing' old family photos.  I looked through them in our hotel room and enjoyed all the typical photos of parents with children, mothers with babies, children with dogs.  

But I got a kick out of Aunt Pauline.  Oh, she was a character!  I was named after my grandmother, and my grandmother was named after Aunt Pauline, and Aunt Pauline was named after her get the picture.  

Aunt Pauline was a teacher who never married.  She passed along her collection of antique books to me, wrote me letters encouraging me to write, and she even wrote and self-published her own book about our family, which is a gem!

Here she is in a sort of  midsummer fairy's vibe (not her real hair!)--

and on the back of this photo was written "girls at home dressing up in the boys' soldiers uniforms."  My jaw literally dropped! 

Thanks to Aunt Pauline for giving me a laugh, once again. 

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