Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The End of the Summer

Last night through the screen I could hear the crickets chirping.  They say summer is ending.

Leaves fill the side yard already.  As we walk down the lane each day we hear the unmistakable pop of walnuts falling onto the barn roof.  The Concord grapes down the lane are ripe and they smell beautiful.  Finn grew out of his summer Crocs.  Annie is taller and her hair is longer.  The corn in our neighbor's garden is crispy brown and beautiful.  My thoughts have slowed; after a strenuous season of illness, hospice, Vacation Bible School planning, death, wedding, retirement party-planning I'm no longer *planning* anything.  Today I noticed a row of colorful zinnias in a place I pass every day. I'm drinking in the first of September; the shadows always look different as the planet tilts and the season changes.  We spent the afternoon at the pool, where Finn has conquered the water slide.  He lost his second front tooth this summer.  How do children grow so fast? 

I am grateful for this life and for the changing seasons.  God's goodness has permeated the summer; even in, especially in, the hard places, He has been here.  Life is the biggest mystery.  I can't get over how if the Earth were oriented differently on its axis or located elsewhere in the solar system we wouldn't exist. 

And yet: here I am, listening to the crickets.  There is so much beauty and wonder in the everyday.

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