Friday, September 18, 2015

The Gift of Friday Afternoon

Every Friday afternoon for four hours I have the luxury of a babysitter.  She is a homeschool graduate, just starting her first year of college, and has been coming for about a year. 

I love Fridays!  I am an INFJ, and alone time is essential to me.  By bedtime I'm usually too exhausted to do much, and early mornings are my time to write for half an hour and then exercise--and then we hit the ground running.  So I need time to focus on my inner life.

Fridays are a wonderful time.  For four hours I do not answer questions.  Instead, I refresh myself in any way that feels appropriate for the day.  Today I Kondo'ed my shoes, handbags, and accessories, uploaded photos, prayed for a friend, worked on a few poems and updated my publication list, returned a couple of emails, and cut out squares for Annie's quilt (while drinking decaf coffee). 

The time is a luxury and a gift and I treat it as such.  It helps me rejuvenate and refill my tank for another 6.5 days of teaching, cleaning, cooking, laundering, laughing, communicating, disciplining, loving and serving.   I went for over seven years without any childcare help, and am grateful for it now!  

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