Friday, September 11, 2015

You Need to Know Yourself

"Simplicity is what you get when you remove from your life certain complications: items that don't serve or delight you, and activities that take more energy than they give back....

When you do seek to need to know yourself better than at any other time. This is because the process asks you to discard objects, activities, and habits you may have had so long that they seem like another limb.  You want to be sure in any scaling-down effort that you're disposing of what you yourself know to be extraneous....

This is the essence of selective complication: paring down the possessions and occupations that rob you of hours and energy so you're free to focus on what matters to you.  Then if there's clutter, it's the residue of projects you're passionate about.  If there are complications, you'll have chosen them instead of the other way around."

--Victoria Moran, Creating a Charmed Life

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