Friday, October 2, 2015

A Happy Birthday

My birthday was one week ago today and I enjoyed many treats...including, but not limited to:

a large bouquet of flowers from my dad and stepmother, which I broke into various vases and placed around the house (after five days of rain, the morning I saw sunlight on the roses was a magical morning indeed);

antique-store shopping with my sister.... I bought a fabulous apron, she bought me a jadeite salt shaker, and of course I found presents for my children (for the Christmas stockings!); I did not purchase this delightful confection, but I enjoyed wearing it;

and not pictured: carrot cake. Finn was offended that I baked my own birthday cake.  I wasn't--it was gluten-free, topped with cream cheese icing and completely delicious. 

My husband gave me all sorts of goodies, from NT Wright to Beta Radio. My sweet friend E sent me Page CXVI's Advent album and Tasha Tudor's Christmas book.  My other sweet friend E gave me Simpatico Ambergris solid of my all-time favorite scents. (They all know me so well!)  And my children performed a detailed, multi-act talent show; my husband wrote the program and directed the show and the 'quotes' from various news outlets and the actor's bios were absolutely hilarious. 

Another year of life!  I am grateful to be here for another go 'round the sun.  Life is such a gift. 


  1. Happy birthday my lovely friend Polly! I discovered this blog this week, it's so much easier to follow you now that your blog is in my Feedly feed. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your special day, my best and loving wishes for the year ahead of you.

    1. You sweet lady, thank you so much. Thinking of you and hoping your family is well!