Thursday, October 15, 2015

All the Places to Love

This book is an absolute gem.  My sister found it at Goodwill and purchased it for my children.  The dust jacket was missing and she'd never heard of it before...but oh my, when I read it I cried. 

It is about a family of several generations living on a farm....just like us.

It's about an older brother with a baby sister...just like us.

It's about a turtle crossing the path....turtles were my mother's favorite little animal.

It's about finding sweetness and wonder in the everyday places of one's life....just like, I hope, us!

The book is magically written and the paintings move me to tears.  I love the beautiful simplicity of the flowing skirts and overalls.  I love grandmother sailing a tiny boat down a river and grandfather carving babies' names in the barn beams.  My sentimentality goes into overdrive every time I read this to my children. 

If someone twisted my arm and forced me to pick my favorite picture books of all-time, All the Places to Love would be in the top five.  Easily.  

Read it and weep! 


  1. Oh Polly, what fun! As soon as the picture appeared I thought "That looks like Finn and Annie" and then I read your post. I can't read it myself but I can listen to it ... have you seen this?

  2. Our whole family absolutely loved Sarah Plain and Tall which is by the same author so I can just imagine the heartfelt beauty oozing through the words in this book as well. What a fabulous gift from your sister.