Friday, October 23, 2015

The Yard in Autumn

Today was gorgeous so I worked in the yard, trimming and dividing peonies and pulling a few weeks. It's time to transplant the hostas and get everyone cozy for winter. My hostas thrive in their north-facing spot, but they must be moved because a new patio will replace their current habitat.  Alas! I hope they do okay in the west-facing bed.  

I love the little last bits of color in the garden: silvery sage, yellow crocuses, crispy peonies. The leaves are just beginning their riot of color.  Autumn in the mountains is a wonderful thing to witness. 


  1. Hostas are a southern plant aren't they? I'm sure I've read about them. Which photo shows the hostas Polly?

    1. I am not sure what the hosta range is and how far north and south they thrive, actually! I love them! None of these photos show my hosta bed. If you look at my post on July 20, there is a hosta in bloom in the foreground. They have beautiful variegated leaves (at least mine do) with tall, lovely blooms. That entire bed I mulched in that post will be patio next year, so the hostas have to go.