Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Paper Day

As it turned out, the day before Thanksgiving was a good day for clearing up loose ends related to paperstuffs.  This afternoon I spent my time:

-addressing Christmas cards (whew! it's over 100! I'm not done yet...)
-working on drafting a legal document
-finishing up our travel journal from last week's trip
-writing a couple of thank-you notes
-checking up on the Christmas list to be sure all the gift-buying is under control

It was also a good day for making a healthy soup to eat tonight to offset all the rich stuff my family will be eating tomorrow!  And tonight was a good night to have a long phone conversation with my grandfather, catching up on all the tidbits of life that have happened in the past couple of weeks.

We put two very happy children to bed tonight.  It's not, as I explained to my grandfather, that they love Thanksgiving for itself; it's that they view it as the Gateway to Christmas.   The gate swings wide open after tomorrow and my children are ready for it!

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