Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Tree Day

This happened today!  The children were extremely excited. Over her waffle this morning Annie said "oh! Christmas is in my heart!"

Christmas tree hunting...which one to choose?

We picked this concolor fir. It has a wonderful citrus scent and a blueish-silvery hue.

(And a tiny bird's nest.)

The trunk is silvery and smelled like oranges. 

We decorated the tree tonight, and I have to say that our children have reached the age where they are actually helpful.  Trimming the tree took no time at all because Annie and Finn were on top of it.  I love their enthusiasm and exclamation over all the familiar ornaments.

We listened to Maggie Sansone's Sounds of the Season and Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas and after we were done the children ate leftover Thanksgiving chocolate pie.  I am grateful for a sweet day with my family.  Advent, you may begin!

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  1. How lovely for the kids -- and for you and Mr Polly! We don't have Christmas tree cutting, here you buy your cut tree at grengrocers or a florist. Your lovely US practice delights me.