Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Snippets of the Surprise Trip: Charleston Peninsula

Rows of palmettos. 

Live oaks.

Lush window boxes.

Old facades.


Flags...more than once we saw Charleston flying the French flag.  Fort Sumter was flying it!



Iron gates hiding gardens.

That certain slant of light. 

For only the third time in my adult life, we are not spending New Year's in Charleston, so I'm feeling a little sentimental!  The first time was when we rang in 2000--my father was required to work in case all the computers, security systems and such shut down resulting in a major public safety crisis.....but nothing happened! The second time I was expecting Annie and couldn't travel because the holidays were so close to her due date. 

I will miss her this year, but we loved being there in November and we have sweet NY's eve plans at home!

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  1. The light there looks like the light here in winter, I've just checked and the latitudes are similar.

    How nice to see Mr Polly!