Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just a Tuesday Night

Last night as I drove down the lane after a pastoral search committee meeting I saw a bonfire in my backyard.  Sure, it was 9:15, but I'm not above a late-night-Tuesday-s'mores-fest. 

I roasted a marshmallow while the children did what children do at bonfires (stuff themselves with s'mores and run around like crazy people) and I settled into the chair next to my husband to talk about our days.  He had a bad day at work, so we discussed that.  We talked about the pastoral search.  We looked up and found constellations.  We laughed. The spring peepers are going strong in the pond and the night was quiet and peaceful--a crackling fire, the frogs, the children's voices. 

At one point I looked up over my husband's head and saw one of the brightest, biggest falling stars I have ever seen.  It was gorgeous!  So I made my wish.

Just a Tuesday night opportunity to burn brush, but it was a miracle. Everything is.  Just like Donald Hall says

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  1. Your evening sounds wonderful! I love the poem, too.