Monday, March 7, 2016

The Cloud of God

I love this time of year; the golden edge of spring, the fields are the color of Annie's hair, but we can hear the spring peepers and mourning doves sing on warm evenings. 

On our hike yesterday in late afternoon, we all walked 80 minutes through tiny woods and over vast fields and hills.  It felt like England.  The boys mostly stayed to the front, and Annie and I hung to the back.  Mr. Polly snapped a huge branch I found and gave us walking sticks.  

Annie told me she wasn't afraid because she likes to talk to her friend, her friend who is always there.  "What friend?" I asked. 

"God," she answered.  "He is everywhere.  When we are at home he is there.  Now he is here. Right now while we are walking we just push through the cloud of God."

You have to admit, it's not a bad way of looking at life.  


  1. Out of the mouths of babes ..

  2. That is beautiful -- phrased so eloquently and by a small child. God is good.

  3. Polly, this is priceless. What a way of seeing. Reminds me of something Edith Schaeffer would have said.

    1. We are reading her delightful early-life memoir (Mei Fuh) as part of our study of China right now. I love Edith Schaeffer!