Friday, April 15, 2016

Finn Composes

On our first morning in Charleston, Finn diligently began writing music.  Before I'd even had my coffee, I had to email a question to his teacher about eighth note rests.  He finished the song (which was written in three movements) the first day we were there, and now he's playing "Fairy Song" as his solo piece at his spring piano recital in a few weeks.

(And for his duet, we're playing Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty Waltz" which I confess I am having to read, pick apart, and uncle told me in Charleston that this means I cannot sight-read music, and he's right! I have an ear, not an eye, for music.) 

Not bad work for an 8-year-old!  Nice work, Finn. 


  1. Oh Finn, that is so great! Any chance of an audio recording Polly sometime down the track?

    1. I will technological prowess is low, but perhaps I can recruit Mr. Polly to help!

    2. Ah yes, Mr Polly will know.