Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Personal Adventure

A few years ago an astute friend of mine, who has no children, made an observation about children: "we can't expect kids to come to the same answers and conclusions as their parents, but we can expect them to ask the same questions."  I thought this was a brilliant observation. If we aren't asking questions, they might not, either; but if we are, we have to respect that they will form their own conclusions.  

This morning I was reading a book about adventure, and the author notes that when children want to wear different hairstyles, different clothes, go to different places--basically not do what their parents are always doing.....

"Parents call it a fashion.  It is much more than that. It is the instinctive craving for adventure, the search for that feeling of really living which only adventure affords. It is a hunger for an adventure that will be personal to oneself--a hunger, that is, to be oneself and not a copy of someone else, to become a person."  (Paul Tournier)

This dovetails perfectly with my own personal parenting goal: to help my children become who God created them to be!

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