Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Milestone Week: Graduation + Baptism + Perfect Coffee

Where has the last week gone?!

Well, it went many places. Hemming my sister's work trousers, teaching some homeschool, reading The Screwtape Letters, for starters......

 We attended our niece and goddaughter's graduation party. She graduted from high school last week and her parents threw a beautiful brunch in her honor on Saturday. Unfortunately I am still operating with *only* my phone as my camera, so I did not take many pictures.  But here you can see the delicious crostini. 

Her father is an excellent cook and made everything from scratch....that included the tartine, the granola, the pimento cheese, the everything. 

My contribution was some thrift-store champagne flutes for the mimosas, and our gifts--a necklace engraved with the letter "L" and a 5-year daily journal.  I love the latter so much that I think it will be my newest go-to baby gift, along with an embroidered onesie or homemade bib. 

After the party we traveled on to another state, to spend the night with our best friends, because on Sunday their son was baptized.  And we're his godparents!  It was a gorgeous baptism in a cold, cold lake, with a wonderful potluck (kale salads abounded....Mr. Polly was a happy man).  Allison has learned how to make the best coffee I've ever tasted (hint: pour-over + battery-operated frother) and so we had a second cup at her house before heading home and getting here Sunday around dark. 

Monday was a day of babysitting in the morning, and having my babysitter come in the afternoon so that I could do laundry, clean and tidy.  Yesterday we had a marathon day: handing out an award in my mother's honor at the school where she taught (a 2-hour awards ceremony--my children were so good and so patient), multiple errands, lunch out, art class, etc.  When we got home I had a call from the magazine editor I used to work for--I was a writer--asking if I could please proof four articles in the next 24 hours?  The rate he offered was excellent, and my Wednesday was free, so I said yes. I'm almost done, and plan to celebrate by watching "Sense and Sensibility" with Annie....because rewards are good. 

 So we are busy, but it's a privilege to see our only niece, who is also our goddaughter, graduate. And it was an honor to be asked to serve as godparents again.  

(As I type this, Annie is dancing around me singing songs from princess movies.  Adorable!!!)

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  1. A busy but happy time Polly. How nice that your dear Mom is remembered that way at the school.