Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tidbits from the Week

Finn is attending a morning camp in the city every day this week, which means we are out of the house by 8:10 am.  Both yesterday afternoon and this afternoon were busy, so I'm feeling quite pressed.  We are not used to keeping this pace, and I'm grateful that we only have to keep it for two weeks (next week we have a Vacation Bible School to attend each morning in the city!). 

So I'm going to "away" from the blog for a while, but I leave with a few tidibts:

*I have finally reached the point where I have an Alabama Chanin jersey dress option for nearly every day of the "work" week.  By the end of the summer, I hope to have a dress for every day of the entire week!  Stay tuned.

*During a busy week, we sure miss the swimming pool.

*And the garden.

*After the Vacation Bible School of next week I will get to settle into a real "summer routine," and I'm eagerly mapping out what that will look like.  It definitely will NOT look like waking my children up at 7:30 each day and leaving the house forty minutes later, fortunately!  

*Annie and I are enjoying "girl time" in the city each morning after we drop Finn off.  So far we've watched trains, visited the Fancy Hotel, gotten coffee & scones (twice), explored a new playground, ridden the trolley, enjoyed the view from the top of a tall building, and watched many tropical fish in an aquarium.  Annie is a fun little buddy and so sweet. 

*It's hot. And so humid.  I am not complaining....or am I?  In any case, I have to say my lightweight jersey clothing is perfect in the face of all the city heat!

*Mr. Polly and Finn are building a chicken coop in their spare time!  It is filling the garage with a wonderful pine scent. I love it. Their goal: hens by July.  This may be ambitious. But my husband is notoriously prone to success!

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