Sunday, July 31, 2016

My (Not-So) Hidden (Not-Much) Talent

I recently pulled my old Gibson guitar out to try out a song for Vacation Bible School.  My children were stunned.  They had no idea I could play the guitar.  

In reality, I was terrible. I was rusty and the steel strings were killing my fingertips.

But they thought I was a total rockstar.  Finn told friends at the pool later that week "my mother has a hidden talent....she plays guitar so well!" 

This guitar is one of my prized possessions. I own three, but this is my favorite.  My father purchased it in the early 1970s in Harvard Square (he attended college in Boston).  He passed it along to me when I was in college and taking lessons, and my nylon-stringed Sigma wasn't cutting it for the jazz guitar class.  It's such a treasure to me!

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  1. Loved reading this - that your kids think you're a rock star for being able to strum a few chords - let them think it! Don't burst their bubble!