Monday, July 18, 2016

Summery Corn Chowder

What possessed me to make corn chowder when the thermostat read 101 degrees this morning?

Finding last year's corn in the freezer...the morning after I got fresh corn from my uncle. This is really a soup for winter time, when you want to taste corn and basil...

Simmer for 15 minutes in a pot:

*3-4 small potatoes  (I bought some for .20/lb this weekend!), diced
*half an onion, diced
*1/2 a carrot, diced
*1/2 cup of water
*1/2 cup of stock (I used chicken)
*I also gave a nice grind of pepper, a shake or two of salt, and later I think I shook in some Herbamere.

When the potatoes are fairly soft, add:

*2 c. corn (fresh or frozen--I like to run mine through a food processor to mash it up a bit)

Simmer for 5-10 more minutes, then add:

*1 1/2 cups milk 

Cook for a few minutes until everything is warm. At the end I added in an ice cube of frozen basil, let that melt, and blended it all very well with my stick blender. (If it's summertime, you can add fresh basil!) If the soup were for me only, I wouldn't do this, but I have a child with Texture Issues. 

I served this to the children for lunch with cheese slices and "banana boats" (half or a fourth of a banana, sliced lengthwise, with a bit of peanut butter and a tiny sprinkling of mini dark chocolate chips on top). My children added Crazy Salt to the soup at the table.  Yum!

I splurged (I don't eat white potatoes or corn) and had a small bowl myself--topped with avocado.  It was creamy and so satisfying, but will be even better on a winter night.

I also made a batch of blueberry popsicles and a loaf of zucchini bread....plowing through the freezer now!

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  1. I forgot about corn chowder until right now, and am heading to my calendar to put it on next week's menu. So good!