Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday: Making Things

Today was a day for making things, after we did school (it's so interesting when the accidental intersections happen: our literature book this year is Pilgrim's Progress, we are reading about the first Thanksgiving this week, *and* today in history we read about the Crusades, and the pilgrims who made the journey to Jerusalem!). 

*one batch of experimental laundry soap
*one batch of homemade deodorant
*one pot of rosemary-white bean soup
*a batch of biscuits
*pie crust (for spinach-mozzarella quiche tonight, and apple pie on Thanksgiving!)
*batch of gingerbread

I also hung laundry out on the line, this time in very cold weather.  A hat, a wool coat, a scarf, and gloves are necessary, but the wind and sun do the trick.  Line-drying clothes makes me so happy.

And finally, I deep-cleaned our bedroom and bathroom, which culminated with scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees (the only way, in my opinion, to get a floor really clean).  Those rooms are clean! now.  

I'm ready for a hot bath and my flannel nightgown!!

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