Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Great Baking Week*

I got a head start on this week sometime last week, but this is the Great Baking Week here.  Finn is trying to raise money to help fund a medical clinic in a developing country, and we're selling Christmas treat trays.  Delivery is this Sunday!

I'm making 10 different types of goodies.  Yesterday we did the labor-intensive chocolate truffles and peanut butter balls, and today I baked magic cookie bars and Italian nut cookies (delicious little gems rolled in crushed pecans with a wee dollop of red raspberry jam in the center).  Each day has clearly delineated work to do! The List is my friend because it keeps chaos at bay.

By the end of this week, the rest of my baking (vegan goodies for my husband and traditional fruitcakes for my father) will seem like a walk in the park! I'm having fun, though...mostly because I am following The List.


*Having a Great Baking Week not recommended for anyone with children under the age of 5 (unless you have some seriously helpful teenagers or adults around).  Trust me on this.  Trust me on this.

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