Monday, March 27, 2017

Signs of Spring

Annie and I were observing signs of spring to each other on the way to pick Finn up from scouting this evening....

*ornamental cherry trees are blooming in all their magnificent splendor

*the grocery store asparagus looked crisp...time for an asparagus tart!

*my uncontrollable urge to clean everything, paint everything, and pull all the weeds

*purple peony shoots emerging from the soil


*the house was hot this evening, so we're leaving windows open for cool night air

*the heady scent of hyacinth everywhere

*my favorite pink linen trousers

*we're getting spring chickens (ha) in a few weeks

*today during our picnic I felt a warm opposed to all the cold ones we've felt for months

*the final four is this weekend...and I will be cheering for the Gamecocks!

*and finally, I pulled a tick off poor Annie's head this afternoon.  At the dollar store. I'm so glad I was running my fingers through her hair while she was looking at the toys!  And I'm also so glad that I was able to pull it off with my bare hands and  not leave any gross tick parts on her little head.  Nasty!

Spring has certainly sprung!

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