Friday, May 12, 2017

A Slip for Annie

Annie outgrew her slip, just like that.  I took the old slip, traced it--with a couple of inches added--onto some old sheet that I had (actually had to piece the back out of two pieces, simply because I was working with scraps), and made a new slip.  For free!

The tracing step.....

Slips are so easy.  I trimmed the bottom with a bit of lace from my stash (probably inherited from my grandmother). I noticed a little late that the front piece had black marker on it, so I just cut a few hearts from other white scrap fabrics and appliqued those onto the front of the slip. 

Here you can see the finished slip as well as the little black spot, which is only visible when its brightly backlit.  Totally not noticeable otherwise, and certainly not noticeable under a skirt!

Guess what?  Annie lost this slip.  I hope it turns up before it's time to sew another one......

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