Monday, July 10, 2017

Acting Camp Survival Guide

Finn has finished another week of acting camp, and I confess that I was barely hanging on by a thread by the time Friday rolled around.  Acting camp week means that every day my children have to be dressed, fed, and out of the house by 8:15 so we can get to the city in time for the 9:00 start time.  Then Annie and I stay in the city (what's the point of driving so far home?) until noon, when acting camp ends.

For next year, I'll be sure to:

*make breakfast foods on Sunday.  We ran out of baked oatmeal mid-week and somehow I didn't have the wherewithall to make another batch. Please!  That won't happen again. 

*put Annie to bed earlier.  Good luck, because the fireflies are a huge draw here around 9pm, but Annie needs her rest. 

*put Polly to bed earlier. Enough said.

*make a lunch each night for the next day. By the time camp is over, we're all *so* hungry, even though Finn has had a packed snack, Annie has had a snack, and I've had a latte.  Driving home felt torturous so I think we dined out THREE times for lunch.  Granted, the last time was at the fabulous Indian restaurant with Mr. Polly, because he took the day off of work to watch the acting showcase, but still. 

*be sure all the laundry is washed *before* camp starts.  Because otherwise the laundry lags. 

Basically?  Take care of sleep, food, and clothes.  This is common sense, but somehow it all escaped me this summer. The good news is that acting camp went great, Finn did wonderfully in the showcase, and Annie and I had grand hours together getting our toenails painted, shopping at the delicious little downtown shops, walking around town, and generally enjoying each other's company.  So the chaos was worth it!  

But I'm glad it's done.

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