Wednesday, July 5, 2017


My last post on hospitality? I've been practicing it for the past week!  

As of yesterday afternoon, our houseguests are gone and I spent today recovering; that is, laundering the sheets, examining the pantry, vacuuming the floors, doing math with Finn, and slowly re-orienting myself back into Normal Life.

Last Friday Finn had oral surgery, and it went well.  In fact, he never asked for pain medicine and he was up and running around Friday evening!  We are grateful for a smooth surgery.  The best bit was in the car on the way home; Finn, who had never experienced numbness before, grunted through his gauze, "I can feel my lip, but my lip can't feel me."

Isn't that the perfect description of numbness?!  Cracked me up.

In addition to hosting and oral surgery, our summer of late has been about ice cream (making, buying, eating), gardening (weeding, planting, deadheading, transplanting), embroidering (two words: singing chicken), and reading (Narnia!). 


  1. "singing chicken" I'm intrigued. Glad your son did well with the surgery.

  2. I'm glad his surgery went well. My son had an oral surgery last year and it kept him on the couch for a few days!