Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Violin Love

A couple of Sundays ago I practiced violin for about an hour while my husband played a card game upstairs with the children.  When the hour was over I trotted into the room. "That was the fastest hour of my day," I joyfully proclaimed.

"It was the longest hour of mine," my husband said dryly.  

I laughed and laughed. 

*                *            * 
When my husband got home from work today I excitedly showed him the tiny callus on my index finger. 

"WHAT is that?" he laughed.

"I CAN PLAY E!!!" I exclaimed.

*                  *               * 

And then this evening after my violin lesson I cried in the car.  Because I just loved it so much. 

My violin instructor and I picked out "Joy to the World" (hint: it's just playing along the scale, not exactly virtuoso material here) and played it together and it was phenomenal.  Piano and guitar have always been, for me, solo instruments. But playing music with someone else is glorious.  I have caught a glimpse of that glory when Finn and I have played duets at his piano recitals but that's as close as I've come until tonight.  

Of course I came home flush with excitement and told my family to gather around and "listen to this!!!!" and the result was, well, anticlimatic.  But they get the gist.  

By Christmas, I'll play that simple song perfectly.  Mark my words. 

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