Monday, October 20, 2014

Domestic Comforts

The last chapter in Victoria Moran's book Shelter for the Spirit is entitled Comforts, and I love it so much that I gravitate to it over and over again.  I would call these 'comforts' either treats or little pleasures, but they are all the same: the precious bits of our domestic life that give us solace and keep us healthy and content. 

"Comforts aren't confined to home, of course, but at-home comforts have an advantage in being readily available and, for the most part, already paid for.  I recently rode with a taxi driver who told me that driving was a second job so he could pay off debts.  His strategy for financial independence?  'I don't go anywhere and I don't do anything.'  I asked if this spartan lifestyle was difficult.  'Oh no,' he said. 'I've never been happier.' He explained how he had become an excellent cook....was playing trumpet for the first time since high school, and refurnishing much of his house by refinishing attic heirlooms.  Going 'nowhere' and 'doing nothing' can lead to a high-quality life." (Emphasis mine.)

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