Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sewing a Chapel Veil

One of my sister's Christmas requests was a chapel veil in brown.  She sometimes wears a veil to her church and had one in a pale peach, but wanted something that would blend in with her hair. 

I knew I could make it myself, so I hunted around and found these instructions.  I bought everything I needed at Joann Fabrics.  I bought three yards of the trim and used every single inch!  I made it a couple of weeks ago so I could give it to her for her birthday, which is in mid-December.

I sewed it while it was on the cutting mat, on the bed, so that the trim wouldn't slip and the lace wouldn't bunch.

The veil tutorial also included a link to a pouch tutorial. I realized that a pouch for the veil would be a great idea!  I sewed this pouch quickly--so quickly I overlooked the fact that I should have sewed the top over the bottom slightly, but that's okay. 

The exterior is heavyweight decorative toile.  The lining is made of old silk Pottery Barn curtains that began to shred as they hung on the curtain rod--I made Halloween costumes out of them last year, too! 

  I love learning how to make new things. 

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