Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Thrifting Saturday, and Quilting Fever

I hit pay dirt at the thrift and antique stores this weekend!   An afternoon all to myself, and I acquired 21 dead stock metal invisible zippers for a quarter apiece (!), 2 pairs of vintage 1960s sunglasses, a milk glass vase, Easter goodies for my children, a vintage embroidered hankie for my daughter, and a delicious 1941 book titled Charm and Personality, with details on grooming, manners, teas, wardrobing, et cetera--for $2.49.

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*And* I bought a quantity of linen, silk, cotton and wool clothing for only a few dollars apiece, because I have been gripped by the deep fever to sew a quilt for my daughter's bedroom.  I pieced one quilt top a couple of Christmases ago for my son and handed it over to a friend who is a professional quilter for the finishing. I happily decided that quilting was not my thing and I had no interest in it, ever again.

And then two weeks ago I kept getting visions of a scrap quilt in my daughter's room, so I went to the thrift store with one requirement: all natural fibers. I bought seven garments, then rummaged through my scraps and added to the 'quilt pile' from my own stash.  And I have spent the weekend obsessively thinking about quilting.

I have already started cutting strips, but I refuse to allow myself to sew the quilt until I finish Annie's vintage dress!

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