Friday, March 6, 2015

Alabama Chanin Scrap-to-Sunglasses Case

At my Alabama Chanin workshop we received a small swatch of stenciled fabric that could be used for practicing technique before starting our *actual* projects.  I did not need to practice, so I just stitched it--a nice diversion on the long road trip home.

What to do with it??  I had to turn it into something. Well, all last year I wanted to sew myself a reverse-applique sunglasses case (really) but never got around to it.  As it turns out, this swatch was the perfect size!  So after I finished stitching and cutting it, I just folded it, sewed up two edges and-- viola!--my long sought-after sunglasses case.  

I love to get creative with how to use what I have and make something new and interesting (to me).  

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