Monday, March 2, 2015

The Fabric Mother Lode

My neighbor Naomi wondered if I would like to visit the fabric store in the lady's basement? The selection was thin but the prices were great?  We postponed for months, but finally got there today. 

I found several bolts of white denim-y-twill-y and bit the bullet, so to speak.  I quick search on my brilliant phone indicated that to slipcover the sofa, man-chair and ottoman, I'd need about 20 yards.  I bought 23, just in case.  For $23.

Yes.  One dollar a yard.  It was so much fabric that it required two of us to carry it into the house, but this means I may be able to slipcover my furniture for twenty-three dollars.

I was so celebratory that I spent part of the afternoon tracing a vintage dress pattern for Annie, to be made up in (I think) hot pink with white polka-dots. 

See the pale blue swirl sticking out there?  

I liked it so much that I bought what was left on the bolt, for a whopping $2.  

Now it is time to start washing! 

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