Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Scrap Dress on a Sick Day

I was dreadfully ill over the weekend and my husband took the children out for the day so I could rest.  I stayed in bed for three hours and mostly dreamed up sewing ideas (sleep eludes me during the daytime), so I finally puttered downstairs to go through my cedar chest and ponder fabrics.  The large scrap of white linen and smaller scrap of blue-and-white seersucker presented themselves to me and asked to be made into a ruffly summer dress for Annie. 

So far I have the bodice constructed, the ruffles cut out, and the skirt gathered and ready to be attached to the bodice.  Then comes the fun part: gathering and sewing the ruffles and making bias tape to finish the bodice.

I hope to finish Annie's dress by the weekend so that she can flounce around in it on Mother's Day and make me happy!  

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