Friday, May 8, 2015

Spring is Here: Morel Mushrooms and Garlic over Pasta (with Parsley and Chives)

One perk of marrying the man I married is that each spring I get morel mushrooms.  Let's just say my in-laws know how to hunt.

  Last night I sauteed the morels with garlic in butter.  Cooked pasta, mixed some lemon juice into it (just a dab), topped with the morels and a bit of chives and Italian flat-leaf parsley, then finished it all off with freshly ground pepper.  I enjoyed it with a glass of fresh lemon-twisted-Pellegrino, which was perfect, but a glass of chardonnay would be even better, and champagne would be the best!

Transcendent. Morels have a unique, pungent flavor, both earthy and unearthly.  They are richly evocative. Spring, glorious spring!

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