Friday, May 29, 2015

Tracing & Cutting Out an Alabama Chanin Tank Dress

These photos were taken at night, on my phone!

I am working with Natalie Chanin's six-gore "tank" dress here, tracing the pattern (I use a pencil and examination-table paper).....I modified it by raising the neckline by two inches.

and then cutting the fabric out of some raspberry cotton jersey to test fit. (I just use coasters to weight the pattern and yes, I do use a Sharpie to trace a pattern onto jersey fabric.  Tailor's chalk never worked for me, and the Sharpie never fails.  It's okay to be a renegade and buck the tailor's chalk!)

I sewed this dress up on the machine and was stunned that it fit me well on the first go!  I usually have to do a lot of alterations because I'm short-waisted with scoliosis. 

This week I have been racing against the clock to get a coordinating cardigan cut out and possibly even stenciled before we go to the beach.  When I think of a long car trip and a whole vacation week without a hand sewing project the panic rises in my I want to be sure I get all my sewing ready for the trip.

And I'll throw a toothbrush and swimsuit in the car at some point too.  Priorities, you see!!

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