Monday, September 14, 2015

Beautiful September

The weather was so glorious today!  This morning I opened the doors and windows to let the cold air into the house.  Drinking coffee in a crisp breeze is so refreshing.

After we finished schoolwork, lunch and letter-writing (I'm writing lots of thank you notes for my Granddad), we took the dog and hit the trails.  I wore my Alabama Chanin raspberry tank dress and a cardigan: most comfortable clothes ever.  Annie and Finn were wild with delight; Annie spent the first half of the hike running between shady spots: interval training, if you will.  She wore herself out and spent the last half of the hike articulating just how sore her legs were. 

Everything is still green, but getting a little rusty-looking.

The crepe myrtles are finishing up and the goldenrod is in bloom.  The sky was a cloudless blue. 

Then we did Small Town Errands: the post office (made it just in time!), the bulk foods store, the library.  Small Town Errands always involve running into people you know and then spending a few minutes (per person!) chatting.  Often there is a discussion about kinfolk.  Today we ran into a lady who knows us vaguely from church and we launched into a detailed genealogical discussion.  I never go to town unless I have ample time to discuss ancestry.  

Then we came home to a supper of lemony grilled chicken, rice pilaf and green beans....a great start to the week!

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