Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flurry of Activity in the Sewing Room

This week I've been a whirlwind in the sewing room.  

First, I Kondo'ed my fabrics. I was pleased to note that I didn't actually have to get rid of many things--I seem to automatically buy fabrics that spark joy. 

Second, I sized-up the jersey scraps and attacked them with fervor.  One night the boys were at a meeting, so Annie and formed a rope-making team: I cut the jersey strips, and she pulled them into ropes. That night I stayed up late cutting lots of circles out of larger pieces of fabric--you know, in case I need to make a circle-spiral-applique-anything. Just in case. And then I stored all these happy scraps in a bin together and joyfully threw away the leftover unusable bits.  I stored the larger scraps by color: greens, blues and blacks in one bin; reds, pinks, and purples in the other. Nice.

Third, I assessed the mending pile.  A skirt whose hem needed re-doing.  A doll whose leg had been ravaged by the dog and who needed surgery.  A pair of khaki pants who needed a seam re-sewn. And about half a dozen socks begging me to darn them, darn them all!

So one night I did all that.

Fourth, I reviewed the pile of unfinished projects that had been living, half-done, in my fabric trunk....a fabric bag MB gave me with no bottom, a ginormous stack of white napkins-to-be (formerly a sheet) that I cut out ages ago but never had the heart to hem (it takes forever), a scrap dress for Annie, etc.  I fixed the bag and zig-zagged the edges of the napkins--they're for everyday, so I am just not even going to bother hemming.  Today I plan to finish that scrap dress (only one more ruffle to attach, and binding), iron interfacing onto two headbands and finish those, and sew a button on a shirt for my husband.  And then, hallelujah, I will be done with all the undone!

Oh! And yesterday afternoon I spent some time cutting out strips for Annie's quilt.

I feel so liberated from the shackles of unfinished work...just in time to leave town with a new project to work on in the car (my reward for all this effort)!

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  1. Oh my goodness, yes! Finishing up half-done projects is always such a relief. Earlier this summer, many of our pillowcases started to wear along the seams. It seemed such a monumental task to mend them all, but when I had to go for my 3 hr glucose test, I took them along and mended them. How great that felt!

    Enjoy your new project!